Sunday, 10 August 2008

virt-mem 0.2.9

I'm pleased to announce the latest alpha release of the virt-mem tools, version 0.2.9.

These are tools for system administrators which let you find things like kernel messages, process lists and network information of your guests.

For example:

'uname' command, shows OS version, architecture, etc.
'dmesg' command, shows kernel messages
'ps' command, shows process list

Nothing needs to be installed in the guest for this to work, and the tools are specifically designed to allow easy scripting and integration with databases and monitoring systems.

Source is available from the web page here:

The latest version (0.2.9) reworks the internals substantially so that we have direct access to basically any kernel structure, and this will allow us to quickly add the remaining features that people have asked for (memory usage information, lists of network interfaces and so on).

As usual, patches, feedback, suggestions etc. are very welcome!

Binaries are available for Fedora through this link:

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