Tuesday, 14 October 2008

MinGW: Screenshots

Previously I showed you how to build software on Fedora which will run on Windows. You can run this software on Fedora using Wine, but it's also nice to know that it even runs on a real Windows machine. Here are some screenshots of the installer running under Windows XP. Remember that this was entirely created on a Fedora Linux system, using completely open source software:

The menubar across the top of the screen comes from virt-viewer. Windows is running virtualized.

Notice the desktop shortcuts for each application, added by nsiswrapper automatically. In future we'll actually want to disable some of these since they don't really make sense for command line applications.

Who's the "surfer dude"?


nicu said...

Not that I care about the Windows platform, but the installer still needs a lot of polishing: the application is installed by default in C:/ root instead of the proper "Program Files" directory, the shortcuts (both on the desktop and start menu) are plain and ugly, without icons...

Richard Jones said...

Thanks Nicu. Yes, the installer needs polishing. NSIS has a million options [possibly literally] which we need to explore.