Saturday, 10 January 2009

ocsigen (OCaml web framework) benchmarked

This benchmark compares the OCaml web framework ocsigen against Ruby on Rails and lighttpd+C with some excellent results for the OCaml framework:
Reqs/sec Mem usage
Rails with mongrel, 1 process 260 49MB
Rails with mongrel via nginx (rev proxy), 1 proc 220 ~51MB
Rails with mongrel, 4 processes via nginx 430 ~200MB
OCaml ocsigen (1 process) 5800 4.5MB
lighttpd with FastCGI app in C, 20 procs 9300 4.5MB

OCaml is not just an order of magnitude faster and an order of magnitude more memory efficient, but it also provides complete compile-time safety, catching multiple errors at compile time which would otherwise only show up after extensive testing.

More discussion on this reddit thread.

There's a Fedora ocsigen package waiting for review here.

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