Friday, 6 February 2009

Photos from OCaml Users Meeting, Grenoble, 2009

We had a very successful OCaml User Meeting this week, with 45 people coming from around Europe to Grenoble.

Xavier Leroy on progress made over 2008

Sylvain Le Gall and OCaml as fast as C

Maxence Guesdon Chamo and Cameleon

Florent Ouchet VHDL symbolic simulation

David Teller Batteries Included

Christophe Troestler pa_do (delimited overloading) syntax

Richard Jones (me) OCaml Windows cross-compiler

Christophe Raffalli Parsing with dypgen

Xavier Leroy on the right:

Dinner the evening before:


Anonymous said...

cool :)

pronnquist said...

I'm interested in what Xavier Leroy said in his introduction regarding the progress of Ocaml. Did he say anything about the future of ocaml? My impression form his talk last year was that ocaml needs a constraint based parser for adding more features like GADTs to ocaml.

Richard Jones said...


Yes, Xavier did mention a lot about future and progress of OCaml. GADTs also came up during the meeting, but I cannot remember now if it was during Xavier's talk or from someone else, sorry :-(

There should be videos of the talks appearing soon. I will post on my blog when they are available.