Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Talk: Using the Fedora Windows cross-compiler

Date:Sunday, 8th March 2009
Time: 18:15 UTC
Location: Virtual -- #fedora-classroom on

A talk and interactive session, "Using the Windows cross-compiler":
  • API basics: POSIX, libc, Win32, gtk, Qt, etc.

  • Cross-compiler basics

  • Practical demonstration:
    setting up the cross-compiler in Fedora
    compiling a small Gtk program
    testing it in Wine
    building a Windows installer

  • Future directions (Win64, Mac OS X ?)

  • How to get involved

If you have root access to a Fedora 10 or rawhide install (i386 or x86-64 only) you can follow along with the practical part.

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